Solving The New Digital Divide

Competitively Priced

Empowering underserved communities to close the Digital Divide
through accessible Wireless Broadband

Introducing dVoIPnet

Empowering Digitally Disadvantaged Communities
with Reliable, Guaranteed Broadband Service that is Competitively Priced

Startup Incubators, Co-Working Spaces and Collaborative Environments Accelerating the Digital Economy in Underserved Areas

Empowering Underserved Communities to Close the Digital Divide Subscription-based e-Services Delivery for Small and Medium Business within Rural Areas and Emerging Markets.

Implementing a License-Exempt 5G mmWave Service Built-in Collaboration Tools overlayed onto Wireless Broadband without Spectrum License and little Last-Mile outlay

Gathering Engagement Data to Validate Use Cases Increased Brand Awareness using Branding Campaigns and Promotions

Elevator Pitch

The eLite Holdings Group (dba dVoIPnet) plans to adopt a two-tiered approach in delivering enterprise-grade Broad-as-a-Service to underserved communities within rural areas and emerging markets.

So in the short term, why re-invert the wheel? With social distancing, dVoIPnet can empower digitally disadvantaged communities with reliable, guaranteed broadband service that is competitively-priced, leveraging existing infrastructure and online collaboration tools

In the longer term, the focus will be on the ability to scale. Accelerator Programs can help with the development of white-box Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway concept, coupled with open edge compute infrastructure in order to handle scale with the needed densification in 5G deployments.

Pitch Deck

Scalable cloud-based solution that exploits license-exempt mmWave spectrum
along with open edge compute infrastructure

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